© 2005-2012 Home Services Profile & Contact webdesign Voncken Norris Solutions Business & Life coaching Norris Coaching believes that in order to have fulfilment in life and in business one must include coaching the whole person. Authentic Leadership Design your vision (career, life, business, family etc) by forming new habits drawn from your own authentic sources. Experience how your life will blossom, when you take responsibility for the impact of your personal leadership in every area of your life. Sustainable Fulfilment Coaching the whole person allows room for you to discover the sustainable fulfilment of who you are by using your values and belief systems as building blocks. Well-being, Vitality & Meaningful Encounters The whole person is who you are, including your body, mind, spirit and life purpose. By integrating your whole person through working with Norris Coaching you get a safe space to practice getting closer to a meaningful, healthy and vital existence through embarking on a powerful change process journey Expat Coaching Norris Coaching coaches in English and welcomes expat clients                                  from all over the world  Read my blog Circle of Conversation Be seen - Be heard
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