International & Local Availability Norris Coaching is available in the major cities of the Netherlands, including the Amsterdam, Haarlem, Den Haag, Rotterdam, Utrecht areas. Through Skype, Norris Coaching serves clients internationally. Flexible Coaching Contracts Norris Coaching believes in flexibility, simplicity and the principle ‘less is more’. Together we will design your contract, based on your coaching needs and your time available. To serve you in the best way possible, Norris Coaching is also available during evening hours and weekends. Corporate & Private Clients For many years, clients have come from all walks of life and from many different cultures, from business owners, expatriates, professional men and women to private individuals. Social Responsibility Norris Coaching strongly believes that every individual has the right to live a fulfilled and meaningful life, contributing to the well-being of others. To support this belief, 10% of Norris Coaching’s clientele is permanently reserved for individuals with a limited income (for example single mothers and fathers, students, starters). Prices are determined on the basis of each individual situation Home Services Profile & Contact Be Seen - Be Heard Join the Circle of Conversation Read my blog Circle of Conversation Be seen - Be heard